MyFi License

Our intention is two-fold
  • We want people to enjoy MyFi. Explore the collection. Display the work IRL and in the metaverse. Get lost in our network.
  • We want you to use the media from MyFi in creative ways. Put the music in a video game you’re making. Use the videos as source material in your own video art. Place the media in other videos you are producing. Get creative.

We want owners of MyFi NFTs to commercialize the media from their NFTs. Updates to this license will be made for the purpose of making it easier for MyFi owners to commercialize their media.


What do I own when I buy a MyFi NFT???

Imagine buying an album and receiving commercial rights to the audio. And the music video. That's what we are providing our owners.

Once you own a MyFi NFT, you share a commercial license with MyFi Studio: you are the only NFT owner who has these commercial rights. However MyFi studio shares a non-exclusive commercial license for the media with you.

Why does MyFi Studio also have commercial rights to the media?

We are sharing commercial rights with owners because we want to use the contents of the NFT for concerts, installations, exhibitions; both irl and virtual experiences.


This license is an agreement between MyFi Studio and owners of MyFi ERC-721 NFTs minted on the following ethereum contract: 0x207e8b8167890ce966d8486b2954114a269a40cc. In this license, the phrase 'MyFi NFTs' are any NFTs minted on the above contract. Additionally, the 'media' of a MyFi NFT refers to any of the following:

  • The video content pointed to by the 'animation_url' metadata. This is an .mp4 file.
  • The audio content pointed to by the 'audio' metadata. This is an .wav file.
  • Any of the text metadata associated with the NFT.
The commercial rights granted by this license only apply during the span of time that the MyFi NFT is held in the owner's wallet. Commercial rights end the NFT is transfered out of the wallet.

MyFi Studio grants all owners of MyFi NFTs a non-exclusive license to the full commercial rights of the media of each MyFi NFT they own. MyFi studio also has full commercial rights to the media of every NFT from the MyFi collection. MyFi Studio shares commercial rights with owners so that the studio can use the collection media for future creative endeavours.

Any revenue from products that use the media from MyFi NFTs sold by MyFi NFT owners is royalty free, until the MyFi NFT owner has earned $1 million dollars of revenue. Once the owner has earned more than $1 million dollars of revenue, they must contact MyFi studio to obtain a license that contains a reasonable royalty on any future revenue.

Please give MyFi Studio credit when you use our content! We want you to use it for whatever you want, however let people know that you used our media. If you have any questions on how to acknowledge us, just send an email or DM.

MyFi Studio reserves the right to edit / update this license.