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Electric Rice Field The Bass museum


October 2023

MyFi Studio performed Electric Rice Field live at The Bass on October 19, 2023.

MyFi Studio's performance was the first of two Nam June Paik Notations, featuring performances by contemporary artists whose practices engage with and further the experimental uses of technology found in Nam June Paik’s work. This performance was organized in connection with Nam June Paik: The Miami Years exhibition on view at The Bass museum in Miami. Before the performance, MyFi Studio created Homage to Nam June Paik (Electric Fish). This interactive digital art collection was designed for the public to submit instructions to control the live performance remotely. The collection runs on Ethereum.

Electric Rice Field (2023) is a live performance of electronic music and analog glitch video art. After spending the summer in Japan, MyFi performed an improvisational work featuring field notes, audio samples, and footage from their experiences in Japan, including Tokyo, Akizuki, and Taketomi Island. The soundscape and visuals will be glitched and synthesized in real time.

Nature and technology as one entangled network.
Imagine a rice field, but the field is not just flooded with water and mud. Electric cables run through its root system. Rows of plants start to emerge, wriggle, and dance. Take a closer look, can you feel it? The 田んぼ (tanbo) rice field and 電気 (denki) electricity. You might find yourself getting poked by a crab and slimed by a slug.

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