What is MyFi?

Myfi is about places. Portals. Locations where the mycelium network meets the blockchain to reach you. They’re seeping through.

MyFi is sending you messages. Through a trapdoor of time, space, dreams, realities. The mycelium network is an interconnected web of communication; connecting networks of roots, water, cables, circuits, internet, mechanical devices. Tech is an organism too.

Mycelium Network: ON.
Look deeper. Listen closer.

We created this NFT collection as a vessel of 100 hours of fairs, parks, beaches, creatures, lasers AND music oozing from acoustic, synths, bodies, that come from underground, earth, and outer space. The videos are transformed with an analog glitch video processor, and the audio is programatically mixed after being combinatorially arranged.

Each NFT is unique; a performance. Together the song (by Dr. Slurp) and video (by Cookie Tree) melt together. The NFT is a record of communication. It’s a meeting place: it marks where the mycelium’s been and where you’re going.

It's time to connect...