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Collaborate with MyFi Studio

MyFi Studio works with artists, musicians, museums, and clients. We create custom electronic instruments, digital systems, and interactive art tools. You can find our projects at live performances + public programming. We're collaborating with:
The Bass Museum of Art + The Rhythm Foundation + Miami Beach Bandshell. 

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We consult on a range of projects including smart contracts, minting pages, interactive design, AI techniques, computational + generative tools.

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Custom Musical Instruments

Do you have a dream instrument? Do you want to build a tool for a specific sound, song, performance, or experience? Let's make it happen. 

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Web3 Production + Programming

Anything goes. 

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We support projects from concept to product. Curatorial work includes studio visits, research, didactics, writing, exhibition. Traditional art + experimental technology in publications, exhibitions online + IRL. 

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Music Production

Our multimedia production studio is equipped for composing, producing, creating music for live performance, recording sessions, educational programming, and other experimental projects. 

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Hire us for a performance. We provide music and/or visuals or produce a custom experience. 

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