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MyFi in the Garden


November 2022

MyFi Studio hosted and produced a day-long event at Naomi's Garden.

MyFi Studio celebrated the launch of RSVP, a collection of handmade cyanotypes with an interactive art function. NFT owners sent an RSVP message (poem, emoji, note, text) to MyFi via smart contract + the RSVP messages were included as lyrics during the live performance at MyFi in the Garden during Art Basel Miami.

MyFi Studio welcomed the community to join a day of multi-sensory art, live music by local musicians, video art, and a panel on "Creativity, Mycelium Connections, and Web3" with Elf J Trul (Co-founder, Forgotten Runes Wizard Cult) and Terry Nguyen (Senior Writer, Dirt).

MyFi commissioned local artist Leslie Gomez-Gonzalez to facilitate a clay vessel workshop: "Connecting & Mapping Our Root Systems."

MyFi also commissioned M Dougherty to create a scent installation "Nodes" inspired by mycelium and supercomputers.

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